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GAP is attempting to fundamental change how political parties and elections work in India. GAP will not put up any candidates with criminal backgrounds.With your support, GAP will be able to launch a formidable challenge to the established political parties and provide the much nesessary political alternative to the people. We seek clean money from people like you, so that we can make a difference for you.
Please note: For all banks/ debit cards/ credit cards you should be able to complete the transaction smoothly. Do remember to keep your Login & transaction passwords handy. Also for two factor authentication you may need your mobile phone too.
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I declare that i am an Indian citizen, above 18 years of age and am making this contivution voluntarily from legally earned person funds. I also permit Gareeb Aadmi Party to communicate with me using my phone and/or email specified above. The particulars and statements made above are correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or withheld.
Please read section 80GGB & 80GGC
If you are facing any problems call us at 7838323279 or email us at